Negative to Postive: Situations, Thoughts & Emotions

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Hi Everyone! Just 11 days left till Christmas!

Recently, some of my closest friends have found themselves going through a bad time within their personal lives. These bad periods in our life can make us feel as though things will never get better or as if we don’t know how to cope anymore. Therefore, my post today will be address some of the ways that I try to deal with bad periods of time and hopefully these ways can be an inspiration to other people as well.

How many of you have heard something similar to a quote such as ‘After every storm, there are clear skies’? I use this quote to demonstrate the idea that after every bad period of time, things do tend to clear up and get easier. Things don’t always stay  bad. Everything gets better and situations tend to change. A perfect reason to start to battle through the bad times, just to reach them clear skies of calm!

I also tend to apply another of the most clichéd  statements that everything happens for a reason. As annoying as it may sound that things happen for a reason, if you think about how to apply it in everyday life, it makes everything just that little bit more positive. ‘Situation A’ may happen because otherwise someone could have suffered extreme pain or that you simply may not have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. Try thinking back to one of the hardest situations that you had to deal with. As hard as it may have been I’m sure you can find something positive out of it… All the more reason to believe things to happen for a better reason.

Every negative situation that you have to cope with definitely helps to enhance your mental capacity when it comes to dealing with different problems. You can learn from every situation that you are in to help you to deal with the next one… and each time you are more prepared, more knowledgeable and more ready to deal with whatever may be thrown at you!

Finding a distraction such as a new hobby or game can distract you for a while. I think it can allow you feel a sense of pride of achievement and relaxation. I feel sometimes that it may be only healthy to have some kind of distraction. This isn’t to say you have to do something you really don’t want to do, but instead its forcing yourself to do something that you could enjoy.

Supporting others is one of the most beneficial things that you can do to create happiness for everyone! Everyone goes through situations they never thought they would have to. We can’t plan every step of our life to turn out perfectly, but what we can do is learn. We can learn from our experiences and share the emotions and stories that we have to tell, and support other people through their problems that they unexpectedly have to face. To be told that I have genuinely helped someone through their experiences is one of the most honourable feelings and everyone should allow themselves to experience that happiness. Putting your focus on someone else can also make you realise the array of different feelings and the situations that people have to go through and the advise you provide them with can become a surprise to yourself and allow you to overcome your own feelings and emotions.

It is, of course, fine to cry. You shouldn’t keep your emotions within you and you should talk to someone about the way you feel to enable you to deal with the way you feel. You should never feel ashamed to do this and sensitivity is subjective so why shouldn’t you express how you really feel.

Our perception of different situations can influence our emotions and make positivity seem out of reach. I believe that as as individual, you can definitely contribute to changing your own perception and make sense of things differently. You can change your mindset and make a positive out of any negative and allow yourself to continue progressing through out your life and create your own story to look back on.

These are just a few ways that I can hope can contribute to helping you deal with the negative situations in your life!

Please leave comments and feedback 🙂


Samreece x


one LIFE. one YOU.

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When you think about life from a distance, you are alone. Apart from everything. You are born into apparent connections that you can withdraw yourself. Why choose to stay unhappy because of what the connections you find yourself tangled in? The ones that slow you down, make you cry, make you feel unwanted or that you’re not good enough?

In life, we’re brought up almost expected to just deal with whatever crosses our path and keep a smile on our face and deal with it. They call it strength.

So what about if being strong means something completely different. Inevitably things will come our way that we don’t want to be involved with. Some people call it fate. But what about if being strong means having the realisation that your happiness is not reliant on anything else.

See sometimes, you can become so caught up in the everyday chaos that you forget that you have ONE LIFE. You forget that you can change the way you live your life, you can change who you are and you can swap paths.

Look back at the last 5, 10 years. See how quickly it’s gone. Whilst your caught up fighting through problems that you don’t need to deal with another days gone. Then another week goes. Before you know it the new years come. Then you do the same thing again. ‘New Year, New Me’ and end up doing the same routine all year. Fighting for worthless things, getting stressed out and bored. You start to question the meaning of life because everything seems pointless.

The easiest change you can make is to take a step back. Reflect and make a plan. Make a plan that is going to make you happy. Change your life around. Change your job, change your career path, learn something new, make new friends and develop yourself as a person. Life goes on and you have one chance to get it right.

Smile everyday. Negativity starts with negative people. Let them go. Drop the negativity and make it apparent.

This doesn’t mean be selfish. Human natures natural hurt comes with the hurt you feel when bad things happen to your loved ones. Teach them to become open minded. Teach them to see the best in the situation and make sure you make them happy too.

Don’t let negative people bring you down. Not now. Not ever. Don’t let anybody snatch away the goodness in you. You’re better than that. Let them go. They are no good for you. Negative lifestyles are toxic. When you allow it to be around you that’s when you get consumed. You can’t function and you lose touch of yourself. Even when you think you’re happy, you truly aren’t – just like them you convince yourself.

Practise to be positive. Stay calm. Think good things. Help others to be the best they can and leave your mark. Make your life YOURS. It’s not anyone else’s. You are not reliant on anyone. You can make your life no matter what. The minute you let go of your unhappiness.

Make your life your own. You have one chance. One chance to be you. You don’t have time to waste.

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