Manage Time To Manage Your Happiness!

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Good Morning,

My blog today focuses on time management. How can you manage your time to make you a happier you? And nope! The answer unfortunately is not netflix and chocolate!

Incorporating a routine into your life helps you to be your own manager. Listing out the things you need to get done and setting yourself mini deadlines really does upgrade your organisational skills. Here is a list to help you change your day to day routine to be more effective and organised!

  1. Have a sleep-wake routine – try to have at least 7 hours and sleep and wake at a similar time everyday.
  2. Consciously change your diet – make it healthier, and try to cut out those cheeky snacks!
  3. Take the time to plan! – Whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours, take the time to plan your day – really be your own manager.
  4. Spend time reading – not only does it help your writing skills, but it will provide you with an escape!
  5. Be strict on your deadlines – No Slacking! Get the work done by your own set deadlines and do not give yourself leeway unless you really have no choice.
  6. Treats – maybe you like to bath, maybe it’s bubbles or cake or watching endless shows! Take time out for you at the end of each day to treat yourself after getting your tasks done.
  7. Self-care – Your health is important too so make sure you are taking care of your body.
  8. Excitement – day to day life can sometimes get a little bit boring. Make some future plans so that you have something to keep you going. No one said life has to get boring!
  9. Smile – No matter how groggy you feel in the morning, relax, smile – you just release your happy hormones and you will gradually start to wake up and feel much happier!
  10. Get your things ready beforehand – don’t rush around in the morning. Take 5 extra minutes in bed or the shower or your breakfast! It will calm you, make you less panicky and you won’t be late!

I personally do not have the most exciting life … but my routine consists of waking up around 6.30am, having a lovely cup of tea, showering and getting ready for the day. I then usually like to get out around 8.30am, at which point I can start planning my day. I do around 30 mins of reading and then get started on my main tasks. I then like to get home around 4 or 5pm, when I can get any home tasks done and dinner. I can then get snug, and relax, treating myself to some TV time and get into bed by around 10.30pm!

It is much easier said than to be done, getting into a routine and for me the most challenging of tasks is being hard on myself and ensuring I do not get lazy with my personal deadlines. But once you get into the swing of things, it definitely gets easier and you find yourself naturally becoming more efficient and relaxed.

Happy Friday & Enjoy The Weekend! 🙂


Samreece xx