Thursday Afternoon Inspiration! :)

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Hello Everyone!

Hopefully some of you may have reflected a little bit upon my last post about positivity!

Thought I’d spend a few minutes sharing a little bit of inspiration whilst I have the time. So, something one of my closest friends always goes on about… always… are quotes and I have a quote that I do find quite inspirational and leads on from my thoughts on positivity too.

“Gain confidence from your successes, Strength from your failures and Wisdom from every experience.”

This is one of my personal favourite quotes… and have you yet noticed how anything unhappy – or even anything negative is not mentioned here? It basically summarises how important it actually is to look for the positive in everything we do. We might succeed sometimes, and I’m pretty sure we all want to succeed. From these successes we should gain confidence (POSITIVITY). Sometimes we do fail and that is part of the journey to success. So we have to find strength in everything (POSITIVITY). Accept and admit to you mistakes and learn from all your failures. One thing we can definitely gain from every experience though is wisdom and knowledge (POSITIVITY). We can learn from everything and learning is positive!

Some of you may think that I have some crazy obsession with happiness and positivity but I do think it is necessary for everyone to stay positive in order to reach their potential.

I’ll tell you where its got me anyway… good predicted grades, work up to date and generally happier!

Time to get back to work now lovelies!


Samreece x


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