5 minutes to reflect…WHO ARE YOU?

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Hi Everyone!

Had such a long Friday in this typical rainy British weather. Wish it would brighten up a little! It has been a long time since I last posted because now for me, as for a lot of us, revision is absolutely crucial in allowing us to achieve the next steps in our lives, be it getting into university or college or getting a job or an apprenticeship.

Lately I have considered reflection as an important part of life. I have not considered reflection in the typical way of going to look at yourself in the mirror. I take it as an individual, alone approach. The definition of closest to the type of reflection I consider, provided by dictionary.com is the fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration’ and ‘a thought occurring in consideration or meditation’.

The type of reflection that can be appreciated in my opinion is that type of reflection that allows you to be honest with yourself, when looking back on not only your past but also your future and seeing how you have developed or changed. It is being critical of your own life and appreciating that you can change and become the person you want to become. Our elders always come across as wise and tell us how they look back at the events in their lives and regardless of how different our society may be now, I am sure our generation will also one day look back.

So when I talk about reflection, I do not mean it to be something to do later on in life. It is something everybody can do right now if they focus. You can make yourself the person you wish to become by focusing on yourself. Who are you? Who makes you the person you are? How have you developed yourself over the last 5 years? Where are you heading in the next 5 years? How are you going to change yourself to be the person you want to be in 15 years?

Surely, the importance of reflection should not be ignored. Some people tend to wish to live life by the day – which is fine – if you know the person you want to become and have a focus somewhere.

So make a little bit of time for yourself to think about you… and be the person you want to become.

Enjoy Your Weekend… 🙂

Samreece x