Part Of The Majority Of Todays Society In 80 Words.

80 Words, Anger, Depression, Ego, Greed, Hate, Invincible, knowledge, Life, Losing Faith, Now and then, Poetry, Present, Realism, Society, Stress, Today

They Shout. They Swear. They Provoke. They Argue. They Create Drama.

They Are Angry.

They Think. They Worry. They Become Anxious. They Don’t Want To Live This Life.

They Are Depressed.

They Want. They Want More. They Get More. They Worship Money. They Lose Sense Of Morality.

They Forget God.

They Get Even More. They Become Big Headed. They Live Life Ego High.

They Think They Are Invincible.

They Dislike. They Hope For The Worst. They Become Jealous.

They Hate.

-Samreece Kaur


2 thoughts on “Part Of The Majority Of Todays Society In 80 Words.

  1. Society has been violent, greedy and selfish for many a moons, only difference is that today people seem to take pleasure in sharing their once hidden dark characteristics, also with social media it’s become more accessible for us. Sometimes it is frustrating to see where we are all heading, but I don’t think the end of the tunnel is filled with any darkness. Yes we are all head in the sand at times with technology and social media and often sick of what is happening around us. However, to make a change, we must start with ourselves, slowly make small strides and then hopefully we will leave a positive legacy.
    Don’t forget to tell those around you how much you love them, every day, it is a major plus!
    Have a nice day.


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