Reactive Attachment Disorder…


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Hey Everyone!

So lately I have been doing some research into an attachment disorder, called the Reactive Attachment Disorder. I recently came across this whilst reading through some new psychology notes and it’s something I wanted to share with everyone as it is something that is not widely recognised!

As an AS Psychology student, for the second time, I am able to study developmental psychology, and specifically attachments within children. There are a wide range of case studies that we study which are related to attachment such as Mary Ainsworths Strange Situation and The Glasgow Babies by Schaffer and Emerson. We also closely focus upon Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment.

Attachments are strong bonds or emotional ties that are formed between two people. As I previously mentioned, we specifically focus upon attachments formed by children. Attachment develops when a child is repeatedly soothed, comforted, and cared for and the caregiver meets the child’s…

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