Sikhi: Duties & Vices

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Sikhi teaches us that we should aim to be the best person we can and reach the purest heart possible to become one with Waheguru Ji (God). As a child, going to the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) with my late nani (grandmother), I never understood even the simplest principles of the religion I was brought up to follow, but that didn’t stop me from feeling comforted by the sounds and words of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Now, almost 18 I take it upon myself to learn new things. Sikhi guides us into leading the purest life possible and bases it upon three main duties:

Naam Japo – Pray and remember God all the time. Meditate upon Gods name.

Kirat Karo – Earn and honest living.

Vand Chako – Share your earnings and give to charity.

As a Sikh, we take into account that there are barriers that stop us from reaching Waheguru. These are the five vices, and we should avoid them to be free of bad:






I will continue to share my knowledge with you all!