Mondays & GCSE’s & A Levels … Not Exactly What You’d Call ‘The Mickey Life’…


Heyaaa Pals!
Its been a long Monday and you know that Monday feeling? Well, I’m just glad to finally be home after a long day at 6th Form and a hour-long bus journey home.
So I was just sitting with my beautiful baby sister whilst she watches Mickey Mouse (who seems to keep saying Heyaaa Pals!) and my sister keeps saying Moush Moush!
Nothing better than coming home to three beautiful sisters… even on a Monday! was just sitting with my tea and sister and thought I’d do my 3rd post!
As promised, I am about to write about revision techniques and give you all advice that will hopefully be beneficial to you over the next few years.
As some of you may have already realised, GCSE and A Level are two of the most stressful things ever. So I guess after some of us saying in year 7, 8 and 9 that everything is so stressful and  there’s just so so so much to do… now we all know! It’s also true to say that A Level is probably the most stressful years of your life so those of you doing GCSE, just remember that what you’re doing now is really just a small bit of your career with a bit more importance and work than your KS3 years. The comparison between GCSE and A Level is HUGE.

I’d like to give a big thanks to those of you who took a few seconds to actually complete the poll I put on here a few days ago, in a mature manner and I now have the results!

On a completely unrelated Monday evening note, feel like maybe I should be Mickey Mouse and call Toodles; his little convenient device bringing Mickey all the things he needs… it’s the Mickey Life! Imagine just having to say Oh Toodles and you’re brought a cup of tea or a pen or something you really just can’t be bothered to get up and get…

Well back to the plot….

What Revision Methods Suit You Most

The majority of you said that you find the most effective revision technique is doing past paper questions. This is fantastic! You have to do past paper questions especially those from the exam boards and specifications that you will doing your real exams in during May and June. Without doing these, you are missing out on a huge chunk of learning because your specifications will state everything you need to know and all your past questions will link to these. So in effect, you’ll be practising similar questions that keep coming up in line with your specifications and as the saying goes… practise makes perfect! Past questions become so repetitive that your brain gets used to understanding the questions and that when it comes to the exam and there’s a chance of that question coming up, your brain will already have a correct response ready so there is no reason why you shouldn’t get full marks.

Teaching someone else about each specification point, whether it be mum, dad, your best friend, your brother, and in my case my little baby sister who really can’t even understand what I’m saying yet, can be a revision tool that allows you to develop all your skills. When most teachers do teach, they know everything before hand, so when you prepare to teach someone else you should try to ensure that you are not reading from a textbook or your scruffy page of notes that’s been in the bottom of your bag for 3 months, but that you learn the content well enough to be teaching it off by heart. That way any questions your learner has can be answered and another way for you  to take forgotten information in.

Psychology has suggested that the way our memory works is through rehearsal strategies and meaning.

We are much more likely to remember things for much longer if we put a meaning with what we’re writing. Therefore, it is no good to just write down the same notes you did last lesson, but to go through them and match it with meaning. What does each sentence of your notes mean and suggest?

Which brings me on to my next point. Either you can learn the hard way like me and not ask for help. Or, you can be  bit more intelligent and ASK for help! That is what your teachers and peers are for. The more you ask, the greater your knowledge and understanding will be. There is no point just trying and trying to get through your mocks thinking  ‘its only a mock, I don’t understand this but I’ll learn it later because truth is… you won’t. You’ll just keep putting it off and then that’s another mark you would have lost in the exam.

Other key revision techniques include reading. That isn’t just your textbook but wider reading. newsletters, Articles, Blogs, Websites and other Books are key to you achieving good grades because you are deepening your knowledge.

Testing yourself with flashcards is another useful way to revise because it picks out your areas to improve straight away. You could try making flash cards straight on definitions, and translations for those of you who study different languages or you could do a specification point per card with the notes on the other side and try to recall everything. It is another good strategy for getting other people involved as you can go through these with your peers.

It is crucial for you to start finding the most suitable revision technique for you over the next few months before you start attempting full past papers. Try all of these methods alongside past questions and really pick out what is best and gets you the highest marks in past paper questions.

You won’t find one straight away, I didn’t till way into GCSE, but it is important you stick at it because in the long-term it will help you to achieve the higher grades in the long run. Once you have found the most suitable techniques, you will be at a much better speed and understanding within work.

Sleep and food are essential too so balance working hard with relaxation!

I’ll be posting about more exam related stuff soon and expanding on some points during the next couple of weeks but these are just some ideas focusing on revision.

Think it’s time for me to be off to sleep now. Hope you all appreciate some of these points.

Make the next few years of hard work pay off!

Toodles and Night Night 🙂

Love, Samreece x


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