Constructive Feedback

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Hey Everyonee 🙂

Just came out from a tiring day shopping and now I feel so sleepy! Before I start, I would like for my readers to be aware that when I do my psychology posts such as my latest one on the Reactive Attachment Disorder, the information I include is simply based upon secondary research . I have not conducted my own research as of yet and I cannot ensure everything I write will be completely accurate. There may be mistakes, however for my future work, I will try to reduce the number of mistakes I could potentially be making as much as possible in whichever ways I can. If you feel I have made a mistake, feel free to comment on the post in the comments section to let me know! 🙂

Furthermore, I have created a short, anonymous questionaire so I could gather feedback upon my blog based upon the last few posts, in order for me to be able to improve in the future. I would really appreciate everybody filling this in as constructive criticism will help loads!

Please click on the link below ❤

Thank you, love,

Samreece x