Two Worlds…

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I don’t often write posts like this but something set inside my mind yesterday and I think it is important to recognise that …

There are two worlds of people,

One world of good hearted people, one with bad hearted people.

One full of love, one full of hate.

One full of calm and happiness, one with anger.

One with selfless people, one with selfish people.

One with people who need happiness and love, one who needs money and assets.

One with people who see the good in everyone else, one with people who only see bad.

One with people who want good for others, one with people who wish bad on others.

One of forgiveness, one of unforgiveness.

One with appreciation, one with greed and jealousy.

One with positivity, one with negativity.

One with learning, one with problems but no solutions.

One with support, one with none.

-Samreece Kaur

People interchange through these two worlds constantly. Human nature does not allow us to move to the better world because there stands an illusion of good in the bad world. eatheye.jpgWhen you can forgive, forget, move on, want good for those who do bad, and do not crave money or wish bad on others, you survive in the good world. When you only want money, and do not like to see anyone else’s happiness, you let the bad world consume you.

When you let positivity surround you, you learn from your mistakes and hope remains inside. When you let negativity eat you up, you become stuck in your problems, and see no way forward. You let your anger take over and no light appears at the end of the tunnel.

This is just a thought. It’s up to you how much willpower you have to be in the better world.


Samreece x