Fearing Terrorist Attacks…

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Good Evening Everyone! 🙂

It’s a Tuesday morning and I am absolutely exhausted! It has been an extremely long and eventful couple of weeks globally with events to remember the second world war and even more significantly, the events of the Paris terrorist attacks.

It is only humane to acknowledge the unfortunate, horrendous Daesh ‘ISIS and ISIL’ attacks and the effects that the actions of so very few people, have had on so many individuals across the world. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Should people be at risk of harm or even death due to the opinions of others? Absolutely not.

We can only pray that we are able to be kept safe and that those in authority do make the right decisions that will be best for everyone within society and that those members of ISIS and ISIL, are punished as a result of their wrong doings…

The effects that their attacks have had on society is completely shocking. What strikes me the most is the way children have been affected. I personally, feel fearful of such attacks taking place where I live. I do understand though that the effect this situation has had on children is terrible, with children calling in to child line and various other helplines, terrified that their may be a world war three!

People’s home lives and family lives have also been affected, as well as many businesses and educational institutions.

There is so much controversy about what should happen next – should wars be declared, should the UK get involved or not and these views are always interesting to hear but everyone’s opinion should be respected nevertheless.

Hopefully whatever the outcome may be, we can be kept safe from these attacks and people can start getting back to normality again quite quickly!

Samreece x


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