A Minute To Focus On Who You Are…

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Hi Everyone! Been a long time since my last post a while ago.

I wonder how much things have changed in the last 6 months for everyone reading my blog. My life has changed quite drastically for me in a whole heap of different ways but I have had definitely come a long way since the start of the year.

I think that through change it is easy to forget who you are and who you become. When things go horribly wrong, people tend to get tangled up in a negative spiral and lose touch of themselves. Then when things start to look up again, you get so happy but again lose a proper touch of the person you’ve become.

So today I want to focus my blog on figuring out who you really are and what you really want to be. The most important values in my life include loyalty, honesty, being grateful, truly wanting to help others and being the best person that you can be.

I believe that people are always at different spectrums of maturity when it comes to actually acknowledging who you are.

My ideal personality within myself, would be to always be kind, always thoughtful, always caring towards others, putting others before yourself, not feeling revengeful or hating others, being able to forgive and move on and having strength to deal with even the hardest situations with positivity. I believe that you should try to see the best in everyone, regardless how they come across. Now many people, who are not at the same maturity which I am trying to demonstrate may call me weak. But surely, to get through life and be the best person you can you would want to demonstrate the more positive qualities and less negative ones to uphold your values. To be humble and loving, you have to be able to show some kind of consideration of others.

I suppose all this comes down to who you learnt from and who you’d want to be as a role model to others and who you would want people to remember you as.  My late nani (grand mother), took pride in demonstrating her positivity. Spending so much time with her when I was younger, I realise that no matter what pain she went through, she always had a positive aura around her where she would always care for others and put everyone before herself. She never had anything bad to say and she has definitely left a positive mark on me!

Time to build upon a little bit of positivity and take one step at a time to defeat your negative qualities and replace them with more positive ones!



Samreece x