Admirable Strength

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Hi Everyone,

First proper post of 2017 after my new year’s message, today about strength.

I always believe that the most admirable side of any person is the strong and humble characteristics that they have. The personality and temperament of any human being reflects themselves. I always have full respect of a person who is their own, genuine, and not someone who follows the crowd, someone who can be mature and still have fun. I never thought that anyone could be real enough to possess these characteristics and be almost flawless. That was until the first week of January 2017, when somebody with pure sincerity came into my life.

I am never the type of person to blog about personal experiences, especially not those of somebody else, so I will keep details to a minimum when explaining the story of another person. The person who showed their strength and humble mindedness, began telling me about a few things that happened in their life. Things that aren’t always easy to explain, especially not to somebody you barely know. This got increasingly personal and much deeper and more experiences were told. Losing a loved one, and suffering from depression as well as other issues. From this point, I began to see a lot of genuine and strength. I felt a lot of trust and warmth from this person as more was told. We got closer and closer, and the strength that this person held inside was immense. Almost like an immense surge of strength.

So as the strength emerged, I realised that this person couldn’t comprehend their own strength and it was absolutely heart breaking to see. Each time they explained something to me that was stressing them out, they’d laugh it off like it was nothing, but it didn’t take me long to realise that things might have been getting too much – could call it an instinct. When I confronted them about this, they almost broke down once again and I knew that it was too much. They were being blamed for things that wasn’t their fault, whilst bottling up guilt that wasn’t even their own. Deep down they were starting to believe that it was their own fault about the way people were treating them and on the surface, they shrugged it off.

After developing a strong bond and connection with this person, and trying to help them through the harsh reality of what they are going through, I wanted to write this blog as a reminder for them to understand how strong they are.

I came across the following quotes, and I saw how much that they can be related to by anyone with the strength and humble mindedness that I saw in this person, so here they are:

1.       We Mature With Damage, Not With The Years

2.       Stay Positive Even When It Feels Like Things Are Falling Apart

3.       Champions Believe In Themselves, Even When No One Else Does

4.       Holding Onto Anger Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Other Person To Die

5.       Sometimes We Are Tested, Not To Show Our Weaknesses, But To Discover Our Strengths

6.       I Promise You That These Storms Are Just Trying To Wash You Clean

7.       Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel World Is Courage Not Weakness

8.       The Only Way To Win A Toxic Person Is To Not Play

9.       Better Things Are Coming

10.   The Less You Respond To Negative People, The More Positive Your Life Will Be

Definitely important to remember that you don’t know what anyone goes home to, whether they have or are suffering from any type of mental illness, stress or depression or anxiety. You don’t know what type of upbringing people have had or what they have had to witness. Be nice.

The kindest people become the strongest people and the strongest people become most real and genuine.

The person who this blog was written about, knows it and I hope more than anything that this will inspire them and understand how strong they are. untitled

I hope this blog can be an inspiration to anybody who has gone through a hard time, trying to be there for somebody else, or who wants to develop themselves personally. I hope it can be a reminder of the strength within.

Lots of love,

Samreece x