Support – Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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Hi Everyone!

I didn’t manage to get around to doing anymore blog posts but I am back 😛

Ready to start writing again… especially after seeing that people are still reading! Thank you all very much! I wanted today’s post to be based on something I came across over the last couple of weeks. It is a quote from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which provides support for those who are confronted with hardship. I do not suggest you have to be of any particular faith group or any at all and I do not consider myself to know everything about the religion I’ve grown up with, but I think it is important to learn and the concept here is of support.

When you are confronted with terrible hardships and no one offers you any support. When your friends turn into enemies and even your relatives have deserted you. And when all support has given way and all hope has been lost. If you then come to remember the Supreme God, even the hot wind shall not touch you. Our Lord and Master is the Power of the powerless. He does take birth or die in the cycle of reincarnation and becomes Eternally Permanent. Through Guru’s Shabad, He is known as True. If you are weakened by the pains of hunger and poverty. If you have no money in your pockets, no one gives you any comfort, no one acknowledges your hopes, and none of your tasks are accomplished. If you then come to remember the Supreme God, you shall obtain the eternal kingdom. When you are plagued by great and excessive anxiety, and diseases inflict your body. When you are wrapped up in the attachments of household and family, sometimes feeling joy and other times feeling sorrow. When you are wandering around in all four directions and you cannot sit or sleep even for a moment. If you come to remember the Supreme God, then your body and mind shall be cooled and soothed. When you are under the power of sexual desire, anger and worldly attachment, or if you are becoming greedy miser in love with your wealth. If you have committed the four great sins and other mistakes; even if you are a murderous fiend who has never taken the time to listen to sacred books, hymns and poetry. If you then come to remember the Supreme God and contemplate on Him, even for a moment, you shall be saved. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 70).

Often we do find ourselves in particular situations where we might feel alone. Perhaps you’ve come to a loss of money, loss of someone close to you, seeing your family and friends go through hard times, or had to find yourself battling with health. No matter what the issue is, the quote from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji , infers we should turn to God. Repeating and meditating upon God’s name, gives God the power to release us from the pain that we may be suffering. It doesn’t matter what type of person you may be. By focusing on God entirely, everything goes away. th2pcfb1mt

Personally, over the last couple of months, many people close to me have suffered from different issues. A whole range of different issues. But this quote I found almost collectively summaries a solution. Sometimes we are too ignorant or hopeless to believe anything could make things better, but after reading through the quote, it made sense that hope can still exist for anyone.

I have broken the quote down into sections represented by different colours, to make it easier to understand, but the words scripted in this part of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, focus on the support of God, when God is turned to. I have written this post because I know the power that this quote has had on myself, and I hope that it may hold the same power for you or that you would pass it on when you know someone is going through a tough time.

I will be definitely writing some more articles soon so do keep reading!


Samreece x