MY FIRST POLL created by me before a lovely chicken roast :P

education, revision

Hi Everyone:)

I was just enjoying a cup of tea and waiting for dads roast chicken dinner to be cooked when I remembered a conversation with one of my friends earlier. She was telling me that she has some mocks coming up soon and she is quite stressed.

Where my cup of tea, roast chicken dinner and my friends GCSE mock exams link together, I really have no idea, but I thought it would be useful if we can see how people revise best.

So I have attached a poll for you to all have a go at before I write my next blog which will include some GCSE and AS Level Revision Tips and I think it would be quite interesting to see how we all achieve our best results!

Jus copy the link below into your URL bar, won’t take you long!

Would appreciate you all completing the poll.

Will be off to enjoy a nice roast dinner now.


Samreece x