The Arts of Wanting…

appreciation, attitude, charity, consideration, gratefulness, Life, materialistic, poverty, thanks, war

Hello Everyone!

Leading on from my poem about todays society which I uploaded yesterday, I would like to give a gentle reminder about thinking about others.

People always want more. Some without working hard. Why? If you have a roof over your head or food and water to prevent your hunger and thirst. If you have medicines to treat you when you’re ill. If you have education to guide you through life. If you have your family and friends. If you don’t have to witness war at your front door. What more could you need? It’s called being MATERIALISTIC.

Just remember. So many people live without a shelter over their heads because they’ve lost all their money (for some people this isn’t their fault). Some people can’t afford to pay for medical life changing treatments, and there are people obsessing with Botox and unprescribed weight loss pills. Some people can’t afford to feed their families at all or have to  walk miles for water that isn’t clean anyway, and you’re moaning about the fact you don’t want the dinner that will be plated up tonight. Some people lose their whole families or groups of friends in tragic car accidents and you won’t spend the time with your family happily, understanding anything could happen. Some countries like those of Syria have frequent wars where innocent children reluctantly have to listen to gun shots and you complain there is no good music around.

I think it is about time that we start showing respect, appreciation and thanks for what we have as well as trying to help those who have a lower quality of life. It is okay to want better things from life but is it not equally as important that we recognise that we need to be grateful and help those in need?

Just a teenie reminder!

Hope you all enjoy your day,