Planning My Summer 2015

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Hi Everyone!

I wonder how everybody’s GCSE and A Level exams have been going! I only recently just finished my AS exams this week on Wednesday and that feeling is just so gooood! This will give me more time to do more blog posts and I will be starting today with my blog about summer plans.

I feel like there are different types of people

1) Those who want to do everything they possibly can within a certain time and put pressure on themselves to do it and not get bored just sitting around all the time.

2) Those people who feel like after their exams come to an end, they are entitled to pure relaxation!

Either of these types of people are okay to an extent as long as those in (1) aren’t over working themselves and those in (2) aren’t becoming completely unhealthy…

I believe I sway to the type (1) type. I literally think of idea after idea and think of every possible way to carry it out and then go over things 100 times over to ensure there are no flaws. At this point plans begin to change and the checking 100 times starts again which can be extremely time-consuming and tiring.

So, as  I already mentioned  I finished my exams this Wednesday and began simply making a list that same evening of all the things I plan to do between now and the end of the 6 week holidays. This means I have around a month in which I will be starting my A2 courses at 6th form as well as a further 6 weeks of holidays.

I won’t be mentioning on here the many of things I plan to do as of yet but my 18th birthday will be soon coming up so that is definitely a part of the list!

Another idea I had been to start making Vlogs and in order for me to predict whether or not this will be successful, I would appreciate my viewers voting on whether it is something you would like to see and if there are any specific topics and questions that you would like me to Vlog/Blog about!

Please follow this link to vote!

The purpose of my post really, is to perhaps motivate some of you into doing as much as you possibly can within the coming months when you have free time! Many of you will be finishing your exams shortly and some of you may be well past that stage. My career is one of the top things I have thought about when considering plans for the summer. The following few months will most certainly give time for you to write a CV and get a job or arrange work experience, perhaps try a new short course. It is definitely a good thing to think outside the box and really push yourself as far as you can. Whatever you do now can definitely impact what point you’re at this time in 10 years…

It is of course very important to give yourself space to see your friends and family and get enough retail therapy!

I hope you all enjoy your summer and I hope you do well in your exams.

Wish you all luck with any that you have left!


Samreece x