Young People & Government

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As a young person, I believe that our opinions are never voiced enough or taken seriously by the government. 

I am a strong believer of the argument that the actions that are put into place now may have an affect on how things occur when this generation is perhaps the age of current leaders. Therefore, I also strongly believe that our opinions should also be considered when decisions are made because it will be the future of the current young generation that faces the after effects of these decisions.

Following a debate yesterday I became very frustrated with the attitude of young people in our generation. Not many people aged 16 up to whatever age may seem appropriate, consider giving an opinion and are quite happy to just be told what to do…

Statements that ‘governments simply won’t listen to us, we are just children- its always been that way and always will!’ , I believe are simply not fair to make until every young person has tried to make that difference.

Yesterday I also came across the following quote,
You have what it takes to push forward with just about anything you want to do.

The message I think young people of my generation and following generations really need to take is that you shouldn’t give up and id you consider enough what it is you want, then changes can be made. But you can’t consider something to be impossible until you have tried!

Feel free to voice your opinions on this blog!

Samreece x

Samreece Kaur