Mood Freezing

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Does venting really make you feel better? Do you get stressed and get angry and upset and  hope that you might just feel better afterwards? Apparently not.

The idea of Mood Freezing came from a study conducted in 1984, where researchers purposely frustrated participants and then gave them a placebo (harmless pill) that would make it impossible for the participants to be able to change their mood.

The method used showed that once people were convinced that aggression would fail to give them relief, they actually tried other methods which made them feel better! As a result, it was concluded that expressing unpleasant feelings doesn’t actually help to release them in the ways that other methods can.

So what were the other methods that the participants actually used?

  • Accepting the situation and making use of  the situation instead.
  • Practicing relaxation. Develop relaxation methods that work for you.
  • Going to a quiet place and simply thinking.
  • Taking a break.
  • Anticipating consequences.
  • Talking things through.
  • Challenging media representations.
  • Seeking distractions.
  • Analysing events.
  • Addressing root causes.
  • Changing your routine.

And how do these actually work?

Sometimes having a few minutes to yourself or finding a distraction can actually make you see things in a different light. Changing your habits may give you more time and space within a hectic day and practising relaxation techniques, allows you to relax anyway!

The reas0n for writing this blog was actually in realisation of how chaotic everyday can be and how  frustrating things can get. Life is simply missing trains, having tight deadlines, getting home late just to do more work. Although it may get  easier, it is important to take care of your own sanity and look after your mind and body – to help you to reach your potential in the future. The more angrier you feel, the harsher the effects become on yourself so instead of expressing anger via anger, we can turn to more positive methods and consciously realise that there are other ways we can calm down which are less harmful.

Perhaps we can train ourselves to react peacefully to our emotions in order to move forward!

I always do  suggest that doing as much as you possibly can a few times a week to feel a rewarding satisfaction and then treating yourself to the time you have made for yourself can actually make you feel a lot better and refreshed…


Samreece x