Connecting With Still Reality…

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And is it not so crazy that you choose to live a life. You could have become a firefighter, a business man or woman, a teacher, someone of leisure…

I am a watcher. I love to observe the world around me. I love to watch and form stories in my head. I see mothers and children, students, business people, couples, ordinary people and think about what they might be doing, where life may be leading them, how content they are, and if they don’t seem so content then what is it that is making them so unhappy. I guess this is all just a part of curiosity. The desire to just want answers to questions to make the puzzling world we live in seem so complete. As I write today, I find myself staring out into the darkness. All the noise away and the wind blowing through the window. I watch people having conversations, taking long late strolls, having a late run, getting dinner. Just ordinary people that I don’t even know and conversations that I can’t even hear. But is it not crazy how you can form some inferences about their life through their facial expressions and their body language?

It makes you really start to question the life around you. Have you ever just taken a minute of your time to switch off the television, your phone, your laptop. Suddenly you are alone in a room with just yourself and it drives you mad. You question yourself, the person you are, the person you are becoming. You wonder where life could have taken you had you have done anything differently. You think of your past, your present and your future and attempt to bring them all together just to understand yourself. When you watch other people from the outside, there are always an endless number of possibilities to who they are, what they study, their relationships, perhaps criminal backgrounds, their family life, their sportiness and interests. It is easy to find yourself devising a long story whilst observing. When you observe yourself, the concept should remain the same, except for the fact that you must form your character on an end goal. You can watch the world around you, but you can never really determine the type of person that somebody is. But you can determine the person you want to become. You can set yourself goals and targets and challenges to ensure that you can live a fulfilled life.

What is a fulfilled life it may be asked. In my opinion, happy and exciting with a personality for which you wish to be proud of. A life led humbly but enjoyed to its fullest. Challenges in every corner, and kindness from deep within. Life is full of learning experiences and part of you may want to teach others life fulfilment. I tend to believe that a fulfilled life can lead to a much healthier mindset. If you are actively searching through yourself and stimulating your inner character, then your mindset will change positively with that.

Since writing my blogs, I have spent a lot of time growing up, from being a big sister, to leaving my family home to study at university. It is enlightening to come across so many people and be able to witness many experiences which make it easier to understand positive mindset. You don’t want to tire yourself every day, but your key achievement comes from the person that you want to be and the person that hopefully one day you will become through the obstacles along the way. You need to take those five-minute breaks to observe and become in touch with reality of yourself. Not the person on the other end of the phone or the one who sits in front of the television or perhaps even the one that works all day. You must set time aside to think about yourself, the person that you are becoming and the person that you want to become. You need to dedicate time for your goals and time to appreciating your achievements.

My first blog back from a very long break is just food for thought. I will be blogging much more over the coming week so please like, follow and share!

For now, enjoy your week.


Samreece xx