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Hi guys!

It has been such a long time since I have posted any blogs here!

A2 has meant such a busy year and whilst I should probably be revising now I have decided to give myself a small break to check how my blogging has been going..




I hope everyone’s revision is going well and working hard enough all should pay off. It is extremely tiring and may be taking up all our day – especially as the hot weather is starting to kick in but after all our exams we will be moving on to the next stages after a nice long summer!

Looking back through my blogs there is one I posted quite early on for revision tips that you can see here by clicking on this link – https://samreecekaur.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/mondays-gcses-a-levels-not-exactly-what-youd-call-the-mickey-life/

Although I will be spending most of my summer after exams in pain after having my t0nsils removed, I will definitely keep writing more blogs that are unrelated from any education and revision.

I wish everyone the best of luck with exams and anything else you have planned soon!

Stay motivated and determined… don’t give up ❤


Samreece x


3 thoughts on “A2 REVISION…

      1. No worries. Finding time to blog is a challenge, I am the first to put my hands up and I am not taking any exams. Also you will have seen an instagram request from me, it’s my journey into the world of other social media tools. Still trying to convince my son to accept my friend request. #AChallenge


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